Forever Living Protecting Day Lotion SPF 20

Broad spectrum protection combined with skin care ingredients.

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Protecting your skin from sun damage, premature aging, and other skin-related issues is more important than ever. Start your day off right with Forever’s protecting day lotion, now with an improved formula targeted for all skin types. The broad spectrum, SPF 20 formula pulls double duty, shielding your face from harmful UVA/UVB rays and nourishing it with a blend of skin-conditioning ingredients.

A blend of oils that includes brassica napus, castor and desert date is rich in antioxidants, protecting the skin from free radicals. Castor and desert date oils combine with sunflower oil, which all contain high amounts of essential fatty acids to give your skin a soft, smooth texture. Although rich in nutrients for your skin, these oils absorb quickly and won’t clog pores.

This new formula also contains linoleic, oleic and palmitic essential fatty acids. Each a component of skin-replacement lipids, these ingredients mimic the fat structure of the skin to prevent epidermal water loss, keeping the skin moisturized during sun exposure.

The broad spectrum, UVA/UVB sun protection comes from natural mineral zinc oxide. This reef-friendly, non-nano zinc includes advanced coating technology to shield your skin without the telltale sunscreen white cast. No matter your daily level of sun exposure, Forever’s protecting day lotion is the perfect addition to any skin care routine.

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